Wired Game Controller

$35 $45
Wired Gamepad Controller for Nintend Wii Joypad Remote Control Game Joystick
Classic Controller for Nintend Wii Remote Control.
8 Buttons: X Y A B L R ZL ZR.
Vertically designed L/R, ZL/ZR buttons.
The L/R buttons are designed as numbers.
Allows you to freely play for Wii games at any time.
Compatible with all Wii games.
When playing entertainment system games, use A and B buttons on the controller to get a familiar experience.
The stylish handle can be held comfortably even during long gaming.

Size: 142 X 90 X 70mm/5.59 X 3.54 X 2.76"
Cable Length: About 80cm/31.5"
Color: White